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Voice Reels

Anchor 1
Natural, North Eastern
Commercial 1
Commercial 2
eLearning - Product Demonstration
eLearning - Health & Safety
Adverts with Jingles
Underwood Electricals
Rollin HGV Training
You Can Do It financials training
Audiobook Narration
"The Night Circus" extract
Character reels
Cheesy Infomercial
Old Fashioned Pathé Newsreel
70s/80s Public Information Film
Bad Influence (US)
Evil Vincent
Contemporary Art and Music Performance

Microsong Cycle (2021-2023) by Olly Sellwood

Vocals and narration 

antisemitism - a new (((musical))) about old tropes. (2022) by Uri Agnon

I perform pre-recorded vocals as The Twitter Choir

Charlene from Big Data (2021) by Olly Sellwood

A piece written for Zöllner-Roche duo, I perform singing and narration.

The other side of the sign (2021) by Harry Matthews

Narration of a poem by John Clare on this piece for Plus-Minus Ensemble

What Happened to Seaton Snook? (2017-) by Peter Falconer

Large scale archive of documentary material about an abandoned seaside town.

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